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Our Story

This company exists so hard-working people can retire with dignity. It’s that simple.

I started Alpha Pension Group in 2003. For several years prior, I was working for a big company “selling” retirement plans. I talked a lot… I wore a suit… so they put me in sales. I was supporting a territory from Florida to New Mexico (except for Texas).

At first, I wasn’t doing too well, but then I started to get the hang of it…

After several years I was having success… but life on the road was not as fun as it sounded.

Then one day I had two distinct thoughts (the first one was admittedly selfish!)

1. I wanted to have kids and have the time to see them.
2. I wasn’t helping anyone. Selling retirement plans wasn’t doing anybody any good except for the big company that I was working for.

You see, everybody was happy when the plan was first sold: new investments, better fees & maybe even some education…

…but over time things would fundamentally break down because in sales: you have to keep on moving forward.

Instead, I wanted to start a consulting firm that set plans up the right way and then stick around to make sure they continued to be successful.
So… after convincing my girlfriend (now wife) that this would be a good idea, I left the big company on Christmas Eve of 2003 to start what is now Alpha Pension Group.

I’m not going to lie – I kind of freaked out when I realized the big leap I had just taken

I got over it quickly and decided that, to start my unknown I had to start with all things known:

Retirement plan management was fundamentally broken.
Companies were working with brokers instead of fiduciaries.
Fees were too high.

There was no process to select and monitor investments.
Plan sponsors didn’t know the right questions to ask.

I had to establish the standard for all retirement plans to achieve.
It was that simple.

And it worked.

I started attracting clients, wonderful clients, unbelievable businesses and non-profits. And they loved that I was different – always there for them – like they were my only gig.

They loved that I cared so much.

To each of my new clients I was their advocate, their rock star. In just three years I was able to hone my skills in a way that would breathe new life into an industry. It was now time to form my band.

Time to go from ME to WE.

Circa 2006 Mark Salamone became a co-owner and the first to join the band to help me change the world.

I knew he was perfect for our mission because he was a tireless and smart fiduciary, competitive to a fault and… caring. Mark cared more about others than himself.

And he also had the dream to strengthen the workforce by creating a means to an end: create immediate, measurable and positive impact on retirement plans.

Something that would give workers a reason to dream about a fulfilling life after work.

Two years later we became the world’s best trio- better than The Police, better than Nirvana, even better than The Beastie Boys.

Tracy Helms signed on, plucked right from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, instantly infusing her meticulous organization and focus on compliance, helping us serve as investment fiduciaries. Tracy helped Mark and I raise our standards, which meant, even more so,


And from those humble beginnings we have been building the band ever since. Attracting the best and brightest talent in the industry, creating the most comprehensive and progressive education programs and designing analytics that have become the backbone to our success.

But most of all, we have a great culture and our spirit is one of customer first.

Today Alpha Pension Group works with over 500 organizations with close to $3b in retirement plan assets. We are passionate about retirement plan consulting and pride ourselves in providing great service to our clients. Yes… we are a big firm, but our mission is that you are going to feel like our only client.

Would you like to be with a company that is going to work tirelessly to help you offer a competitive retirement plan and give your employees the opportunity to retire successfully?

If you care about your employees, we would love that. Join Us…

Why should Alpha Pension work for you?

Because we can help companies like yours to have a successful retirement program — and meet the needs of your employees. For dozens of years our team has worked across these five dimensions to achieve excellence in retirement consulting


Our vision is our mantra: we exist so hard-working people have the opportunity to retire successfully. It’s that simple.


We don’t abandon participants. We work tirelessly to help you offer a competitive plan and give your employees the opportunity to retire successfully.


We offer a unique, comprehensive and progressive education curriculum for employees because we believe in guidance- not sales.

Analytical Process

We live by a deep-seated performance standard. Too often company retirement plans are overlooked, which results in higher fees and unknowingly participating in underperforming investments. We changed all that through analyzing investment performance quarterly for all of our clients.


Managing retirement plans is all we do. There is no other business that we offer, which assures your company retirement plans operate efficiently with the goal of helping people retire successfully.